Daily Prompt: Journey

So today I started my blog and found the daily post. This is exactly what I was looking for, a daily or weekly prompt to get me started. Eventually, I won’t need this anymore but for now, here it goes…

Journey, there are many ways to describe what this word means. To some, it’s a band, to others it’s the path you walk in life. To me, it’s a path you choose to take in life.

Your journey should never be about where you are going, because yes, reaching your destination is exciting, but the best part is getting there. 

People too often focus on the destination and getting there, very few actually enjoy the ride. This is what a journey is all about. Enjoying the ride to your destination. 

I don’t often set goals for myself, but when I do, I make the most of the journey getting there. I encourage people to enjoy the road that they are on because it is their own road to enjoy. It is their responsibility to meet their goals, but that means nothing if you don’t enjoy the process.